Things I Bought that I Love – Parts 1-4

I’m totally channeling Mindy Kaling’s defunct blog, if you don’t already know.

Shopping in stores annoys me, mainly because crowds annoy me and I almost always forget to bring in my $15 recycled tote from Sprouts, so I have to either fork over the 10 cents for a plastic bag or hustle it out of the store with my purchases in my arms, looking like I just shoplifted groceries from Target.

Shopping online I can tolerate, but it scares me every time I log in to Amazon Prime (aka my online Target) because I never know what ends up in my shopping cart. I’ve been doing pretty good this year, though.

I’ve gotten into the habit of not hitting that Check Out button after my shopping session. Instead, I leave the items there, log out, and check back in after a few days to see if I’ve changed my mind. This is a trick that truly works, and I’ve used it in stores. I’ll hold on to an item, usually a Star Wars Lego set, browse around more aisles, and then reevaluate how much I truly need/want the item after 10 minutes of walking around with it. About 80% of the time, it gets put back on the shelf or I hit “Saved for Later”, where it is banished into my almost-bought-this queue.

In the past four months, I’ve only bought 10 items from Amazon, and a handful of them weren’t even for me, such as the 3-pack glass meal prep food containers to replace the one I accidentally smashed in the driveway. I totally blame the flimsy paper bag from Left Bank.

Here are some Amazon purchases from this year that I don’t regret making:

I’m a hot cocoa snob, and this snobbery started when I took my first whiff of Land O Lakes French Vanilla. There is something about the rich scent of it that reminds me of the hot powdered milk and Milo/Ovaltine mix that I drank before bedtime when I was a child.

Amazon sent me 3 boxes with 12 packets each, and all 3 boxes last me til mid-April, so for $21.36, that’s a pretty good deal.

I have already lined it up in my shopping cart for when I’m down to my last packet. I have 4 left.

Consider this as your TMI warning…


I bought these to serve as sex towels. One thing movies don’t show is the post-coital mess, and I’m not talking about the sweat. You need something to wipe stuff up, and you won’t always have paper towels or Kleenex handy. And you most certainly don’t want to use your shirt or underwear–what are you going to wear if you have to be elsewhere in a few minutes?

Enter the sex towel. Ricky and I have named them Oscar 2.0, because we did have an original Oscar in 2014. They’re great, and they’re always on standby under the bed.

Ok, it’s over. I hope I didn’t scar you.

Ever since I upgraded my almost 3-year-old Note5 to a Note8, I quickly ran into the problem of having to switch from a micro USB to a USB C. Samsung packs one adapter in the box, but it is easy to lose and I obviously need more than one as I am always on the move.

This amazing listing has 4 USB C adapters with key chain. What a game-changer. I keep one on my key chain with my car and house keys, one with my work charger, one with my bedroom charger, and one in my car.

Jk, I’m not done with the TMI.

You have one chance to skip ahead.

Sex pillow. Soft, yet firm, and great back support. We try not to lay our faces on it, so it stands at the foot of the bed when not in use.

That’s it for TMI stuff, I promise.

One last thing. I gifted this to Ricky, because I have low confidence in his veggie chopping skills. (Guys, he doesn’t tuck his fingers in and brace knuckles against the blade like you’re supposed to.)

He makes his own veggies & fruit smoothies almost every day, and while I obviously can’t protect his fingertips always, I can at least lower the risk. I’m just hoping he won’t accidentally stick his fingers in the wheel and run it.

That’s it for now. Check back in about 4 months for parts 5-8. Byeeee!!!