David’s Birthday Card Series

What kind of girlfriend would I be if I don’t make my boyfriend extra special during his birthday month?

David’s birthday isn’t until September 11th, but I started giving him these handmade birthday cards on September 3rd. He gets eight of them, one for each day until the big day.


Fidelity is important in any monogamous relationship, and I prize it above all else, besides love. To show that I have been nothing but a faithful girlfriend, I gave him access to all of my social media and phone. After all, if you’re keeping secrets from your partner, you’re doing something shady. I want him to know that he can trust me, and that I have absolutely nothing to hide from him.


He gets four coupons that range from getting massages to…other things. The cream of the crop is what I call “The #7 Package”, but unfortunately, I cannot list what it entails except that it starts with a full body massage. So far, he has cashed in one coupon.

#6 – YOU AND I

There is a secret page in Sketchy Honu dedicated to memories that David and I have shared since we started dating back in November 2015.


The Kitchen doesn’t have reservations open until October, and French Laundry is booked solid until February 2018. The next best thing I could think of was a dinner date at Ella Dining Room & Bar on September 23rd. I made the reservations, and all he has to do is dress nice and go hungry.


I had a personalized map of what the Stockton night sky looked like when David was born printed on a poster and framed.


We talked about going some place, maybe San Francisco. I remember him telling me that he had never been to Alcatraz, just like me. So on October 7th, we will be enjoying a day tour of the defunct prison on Alcatraz Island.


Age doesn’t stop anyone from indulging his/her sweet tooth, and David certainly has a mean one. I filled a basket with all of his favorite snacks: Snickers, Twizzlers, and Zours, along with a bottle of Jameson whiskey, and Neuro drinks for sleep and energy. And he doesn’t have to share with me!


David enjoys getting massages from me, even though I’m not professionally trained. He has said many times that he’s willing to pay for me to take classes so I can apply prime massage techniques on him. So until that time comes, I will continue to massage him the only way I know how. And also treat him to one 90-minute deep tissue massage at Happy Day Spa.


I presented to him the surprise birthday video compilation that I had been planning for two weeks. I also gave him the birthday card that our coworkers signed while he was out of the office. And finally, after weeks of keeping it a secret, me and his parents can reveal to him before our fishing trip to Lake Camanche that we rented a beautiful house by the sea at Fort Bragg, and we will be staying there for four days from September 14th-17th. I already asked his boss for permission, so it’s all squared away.

So, can I get that Girlfriend of the Year trophy now? 😉



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