#menwhocook: Pig’s Eyes and Tongue

David experimented in the kitchen last Sunday. Remember the pig’s head that Dr. Plundo gave us last week? It was time to do something magical with the eyes and the tongue. And even though David had never cooked eyes or tongue before, this dish was something to behold.

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Interesting things to note:

  • The tongue tasted just like pork. No weird aftertaste or textures. It tasted great with the raspberry vinaigrette that David made.
  • The eyes were fatty, and just a teeny-tiny-tad bit slimy, but not in a bad way. Unlike fish eyes, there were no hard parts, which I was surprised about.
  • Cherry tomatoes go with EVERYTHING.

David didn’t eat any of it because it was too exotic for him, which is fine with me. I didn’t have to share.