Evolution of Hair Color

I met my hairdresser (and gossip buddy) Whitney on November 1, 2014 through a referral by our mutual friend Kristen. Before Whitney, I was subjecting my hair to cheap box dyes every month in my quest for red hair. For the most part, it went well. However, I was clearly not doing it right, and I was getting stressed looking at the uneven color.

So I buckled down and decided it was time to get my red hair fixed by a professional.

Today’s project has me crazy for copper! #daisysalon #sachair #transformation @samiism is officially banned from all box dyes!

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This hair color is amazing. Thank you so much @whitneyatdaisy 😍

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Then I finally got the beautiful strawberry blonde hair that I had always wanted, and it was glorious.

😇😈 I wake up with this face every day and that’s okay.

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Then Whitney and I decided to take it a step further, and went scarlet. (See middle pic)

🌈🐬😎 #daisysalon #sacramentohair #mermaidhair

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It was a fun, crazy color, but time came when I had to eventually tone it down because it was a high-maintenance color that occasionally bled on the collars of my shirts and on my pillowcase.

So went with a nice autumn ombre.

Oh hey fall….it may be 97 degrees today but I’m still coming for you! #daisysalon #sacramentohair #916hair #redombre

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It was a pretty sweet color. Not too crazy, not too dull. It had the right amount of oomph and “look at me” vibe.

I started to miss the ginger hair, so Whitney worked it back on my head. This time, she went much brighter.

Because sometimes a Filipino girl just wants to be a ginger ;)🍊🌶 #sachair #sacramentohair #daisysalon #ginger

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She was also nice enough to braid my hair in preparation for my first lunch date with David’s parents.

The biggest shock (for everyone and myself) was when I agreed to chop my long locks. Whitney spiced it up by popping on bright pink.

I then realized that I could give platinum blonde a try again. The last time I had blonde hair was Halloween 2012, when I used two box dyes back to back and left it on my head overnight. I wanted to be Baby Doll from Sucker Punch. There was so much bleach. I’m surprised I didn’t wake up bald. Even though my hair looked great for a week, it felt so dry and fried that I had to get a haircut.

The problem with blonde hair is that I got it around the same time I was learning how to swim in a pool in preparation for Hawaii. So not only did I have to wear a swim cap that gave me dick head look, but when my hair did get wet in the pool, it turned slightly green. No amount of purple shampoo could keep the green away.

The bleaching started to irritate my scalp, and I had gnarly dandruff going on. So we decided to let my roots grow out a bit and just mess with the tips. A fun way to do it was to try titanium hair.

🚬🚬🚬 #daisysalon #platinumtotitanium #titaniumhair

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The goal at this point was to slowly transition back to my natural black hair, but also enjoy the parts of my hair that were still bleached. After a few months of the dark gray, Whitney played around with some silver and blues.

How stinking gorgeous did last nights project turn out?! 🎨💙 #daisysalon

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By now it would seem that I have tried almost every color in the rainbow, except green. On purpose. So we did just that.

This year will be three years with Whitney. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my hair. She knows exactly how to battle the volume and the color, and keeps everything within my budget.

If you’re looking for a hairdresser in Sacramento, I urge you to see Whitney: