#menwhocook: Caprese Portobello

I love  mushrooms. David doesn’t. But that didn’t stop him from cooking a yummy stuffed portobello mushroom treat for my Saturday lunch. Can you tell that I’m so spoiled loved?

We bought a pack of these giant portobello mushrooms from Costco. I tried to help him clean the gills, but I think I wrecked one of them slightly.

He brushed a mixture of olive oil and minced garlic.

He also made his own balsamic glaze that consisted of balsamic vinaigrette, honey, and brown sugar.

We also got two huge logs of pre-sliced mozzarella and these juicy tomatoes. I was planning on snacking on caprese salads for the rest of the week, since we have fresh basil growing at home. But we have plenty for other recipes such as this.

David cut them into little squares so they all fit in the Portobello nicely.

Then it’s time to lightly pan fry the mushrooms, face down first to lock in that garlic goodness.

Finally, just place the mushrooms and mozzarella cheese all around the portobello and cover it for about 3 minutes. Then plate it with fresh basil.

The only thing we might change about this recipe is MORE HONEY in the balsamic glaze to thicken its consistency. Otherwise, it tasted great and is certainly healthier than my original lunch plan of baking chocolate chip cookies (which I still did, but let’s not talk about that :P)

Peep at how thick and juicy this looks.

This was so good that I bit my tongue trying to greedily scarf down the whole thing. Definitely a recipe to remember.