Carving a Pig’s Head

Last Saturday, David and I were invited to a pig roast by one of the doctors at work. We learned that Dr. Plundo and his wife hold an annual pig roast every summer, and we were quite excited and lucky to have been able to take part of it this year.

“Pig Dr.” and “Pig RN” preparing the freshly roasted pig.

After learning that I partook in a number of pig roasts in my youth back in Philippines, Dr. Plundo promised me the pig’s head. Also partly because people typically squirm at the mere sight of a pig’s head.

Last night, David and I carved the head. Or specifically, David carved the head and I filmed him doing it.

There was surprisingly a lot of meat from that head alone. Sadly, we didn’t get the brain out because the skull was too thick. I was looking forward to pig’s brain tacos, too.

(L-R clockwise) jaw, cheeks & cracklings, miscellany (ears, snout, ears, eyes, tongue), back of head, head



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