#menwhocook: The S’more That Has No Name

A month or two ago, David stumbled upon a concoction that involved a Twinkie and a Hershey’s milk chocolate bar that I bought from the gas station.

Some nights, the power of imagination hits him hard and he magically emerges from the kitchen with a delicious alien dish.

One night, he came up with “The S’more that Has No Name”. All he needed was his crème brûlée torch.

It’s simple really. Cut the Twinkie in half , torch the marshmallow inside, plop down two pieces of chocolate on one half (or both–this we’ve never tried), lightly torch the chocolate, and then close your Twinkie sandwich and enjoy.

We’ve presented this dish twice, each to a large group of people. Needless to say, everyone at Stacy’s (6) and everyone at his childhood friends’ reunion (14) enjoyed the show and the snack.