Polymer Clay: Bottle Cap Succulent Garden

Have I mentioned before that I do not have a green thumb? It’s really more of a thumb of death. Plants stand no chance against me. So if I want a plant, I would have to create an inorganic one, such as the potted crocheted Baby Groot and the mini succulents from polymer clay.

Last night, I completed this project for my friend, Merissa. She wanted her own clay succulents, but I thought I’d step hers up a bit. I got the idea for bottle cap gardens from Creative Rachy on YouTube.

Coincidentally, David and I polished off a case of Coronas over the weekend so I had a lot of bottle caps lying around.

All I had to do was pull the inner plastic lining off with a flat head screwdriver and some pliers, and they were good to go.

One garden took me two hours to craft, though, mostly because I didn’t really plan everything out. I had a general idea of the kind of plants I would put in it, but nothing too specific.

Merissa loved her mini bottle cap succulent garden. ♥ It is currently sitting atop her keyboard, right by the number pad.