Polymer Clay: Bottle Cap Gardens

Father’s Day is coming up, and since my budget is a little tight this month, I thought Onyx and I could share a handmade-with-love present to give to David.

So we gave him this beach-themed bottle cap scene that is inspired by Creative Rachy’s work.

Besides polymer clay, this project used resin and a real sea star, which David happened to have in a Ziploc in a kitchen drawer. A whole bunch of these tiny things just sitting in the dark, so he was more than happy to let me use them.

I also wanted to use real sand and a shell, which we brought back from Hawaii in little glass bottles, but I didn’t want to compromise our collection.

The next day, I figured I’d use the baby turtle and the lizard on a rock, which I made months ago for practice. Also, both are inspired by Creative Rachy.

I was going to scrap both after being nearly crumpled in my clay scrap bag, but I was able to salvage them for two bottle cap gardens.