Polymer Clay: Birthday Turtle

David’s mom Becky celebrated another year on Earth, so of course, DIY presents were in order for this crafty lady.

This year, I made her her own bottle cap beach. This featured a small turtle, sand, real sea stars, and real shells.

Instead of using the regular Corona Light bottle caps, I used a bigger caps of Coors Light. The base for the beach was made of ecru polymer clay by Premo, and given a bit of an incline on one side so the turtle doesn’t lay completely fat and submerged in the water later on.

By mixing the artificial sand with liquid clay, I was able to spread the sand around the entire ecru base and make it stay put.

I used to create my sand out of clay, but it was a time-consuming process meant for another day. David and I found this jar of sand at Hobby Lobby for less than $4, and it works just as well.

I created the turtle using two different shades of green polymer clay and a dark brown for his eyes. To create the pink blush on the turtle’s head and the back of his shell, I shaved off a bit of soft pastel dust with a blade and used a dry paintbrush to dab the pink dust on the turtle.

A small violet bucket filled with sand finished the look temporarily. I popped the project in the oven to bake before starting phase two.

After the project came out of the oven and cooled, phase two was ready to commence.

I added two sea stars from David’s forgotten collection in the kitchen drawer, and two shells from a $3 mixed bag at Hobby Lobby. Once everything was put into place, I poured resin halfway up the bottle cap so the turtle was only ¬†partially submerged.

The bottle cap was placed out in the patio, under the hot sun, to allow the resin to cure. I left it outside overnight.

Becky enjoyed her little present, and we topped it off with a handmade birthday card, signed by me, David, and Onyx (we dipped her right paw into some light green watercolor and stamped it onto the card).