Artsy Fartsy Update

So much has happened since my last update, so I thought I’d check in.

I made two cards–one for our treasured admin Yasmin for Administrative Professionals Day. She lightens all our burdens every day at work by faxing and mailing out our letters, getting doctors’ signatures for us, all that jazz.

I also made another card for our favorite doctor, but since he jetted off to Cabo to celebrate, we had to wait a week to hand him his birthday card.

 I also created an enchanted rose from Beauty & the Beast with polymer clay and this lovely bell ornament that I found at Michael’s for less than $3.

It could be a pendant for a necklace, but I personally think it’s too big to wear.

Making the rose was easy, but time-consuming. I just had to roll small pieces of sparkly pink clay super flat like so.

Then with a ball-ended tool, I just pressed around one end to mimic the look of a soft, papery rose petal.

I rolled up a tiny ball of clay and stuck it to the top of a headpin. This served as a base for the petals.

Once all the petals were in place, I used a flat tool to bend the tops of the petals a bit more outwards so they look fuller.

I used the open end of the glass to create a mold for the base and punched a tiny hole through it. With super glue, it’ll hold the rose up. I also created more loose petals and covered the rest of the headpin with green clay.

In to the oven it goes, at 275 degrees for 30 minutes. I brushed gloss all over the petals and the rose and left it to dry overnight.

And here it is. I’m planning on rolling the leaves flatter next time and maybe just paint the headpin instead of covering it with clay so it doesn’t look bulky. But overall, I’m quite happy with how it turned out.

I’m planning on doing more amigurumi and clay this week since I got orders from friends and family so expect more arts and crafts-related updates soon. 🙂