Playing with Polymer Clay

The thing about YouTube and Instagram is that if you click around long enough, you end up watching something completely different from what you started with. I was innocently looking at amigurumi creations on Instagram when I landed on polymer clay charms.

So, as soon as we got back from Carmel, I bought a 24-color set of polymer clay from Michael’s with my 60% off coupon.

Here are my first four creations:

Even though these things are 1.5 cm tall, they each took about half an hour to do because I had to smooth out fingerprints, edges, etc.

I also made myself mini succulents for my desk.

A week later, I made an even smaller Charmander, which was 1 cm tall. I gave it to my coworker Jillian, who is way more into Pokemon than I am.

I just bought a box of eye pins two weeks ago, so I am quite excited to make charms and possibly sell them. But that won’t be for a while, since I have to hone my sculpting skills.

But watch out for that inevitable post, though! David has been pushing me to make money out of my crafts.