Crochet Starter Kit for Beginners

Jumping into the fun world of crochet didn’t happen overnight. I watched YouTube tutorials for a week to see if it was something I could envision myself doing (YES, obvi), if the process was easy enough (it really is), if the hobby itself was compatible with my schedule and lifestyle (as if I’m a busy bee *rolls eyes*), and if the materials were cost-effective (well…we’ll get to that in a second).

For the most part, crocheting seemed like a good idea. It is certainly easier on the hands compared to knitting, which was what I started with in the first place.

Below is a list of materials that I believe are must-haves for every beginner hooker (yes, that’s what we call ourselves.)

My store of choice is Michael’s, but you can get these from any other arts & crafts store, Walmart, or even Amazon.


  • Instead of the G hook, you can opt to buy a set with a range of sizes. I would make sure to get a set that includes E-I size hooks, since you can do a lot of projects with those sizes. [ Michael’s | Walmart ]
  • Stitch markers [ Michael’s ]
  • Ergonomic crochet handle [ WalmartAmazon ]
I have hook sizes E-J, with a darning needle on the far right side, and an ergonomic handle. The hooks have the handle washers on them.


There are a number of yarn weights to choose from, but the most commonly used is medium weight. The yarn label should have a big number 4 on it, which tells you it is medium weight. The label should also have hook size suggestion, but you can always use a hook that is a size or two smaller, depending on your project or pattern.

 Check out this chart by the Craft Yarn Council.