Baby Groot Amigurumi

This is quite possibly my greatest crochet accomplishment to date, and I’ve only been crocheting since the beginning of January.


OMG RIGHT????!!!!!

It’s Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy!!!

I found a free pattern from Twinkie Chan, and let me just say, it was pretty easy to follow. I would have finished the project in under a day if only I had gathered my supplies (e.g. moss, plant pot, plastic safety eyes, and pipe cleaners) ahead of time.

After an entire month of debating whether to order plastic safety eyes via Amazon Prime or drive to Jo-Ann, I caved and went with Prime. I got 158 assorted pieces of eyes and washers for $12 on Friday.

Then there was an argument about where and when to get the pipe cleaners because David said I could go to the smoke shop nearby, but I insisted he either come with me or I’ll go to Michael’s myself. He knows that Michael’s is my version of every woman’s Target. I can’t just go in with a list and be expected to get out with exactly the same items on that list. I’ll end up spending $57 on yarn, planner knick-knacks, and possibly a Cricut machine. So he went with me to Michael’s last Saturday.

Then we walked over to Walmart and got two sizes of plant pots, and promptly forgot about the moss. On a side note, I did not expect the terracotta pots to be less than a dollar each. Cheaper than I expected.

We went back to Michael’s the next day and got moss. ONLY MOSS. He was insistent upon it. He would not let me stray towards other aisles. We got a moss kit on sale (was $7.99 but I got it at around $4) and went on our way.

Assembling the whole thing was actually the trickiest part because I didn’t know what to use to stuff it. I didn’t want to use half of my polyfil, so I ripped up a discarded piece of underwear (don’t ask) and padded the bottom of the pot. In hindsight, I should have read the pattern one last time because I completely skimmed over the part where it suggests using pebbles. That would’ve been easier.

Oh well?

I did have to crochet a ground/skirt base for Baby Groot because he was slipping and flopping around. Winged it and nailed it! Then I had to hot glue it around the pot, and succeeded in gluing my thigh skin together as well. Ouch, btw.

Toss in some moss, and dzone!

I dig it.


Naturally, I gifted Baby Groot to my one and only, to show that I appreciate his support. He has provided me with constructive criticism and praise on every crocheted project. He hasn’t told me that I should stop buying yarn, but he’s gently dragged me out of Michael’s when it looked like I was going to buy the entire yarn aisle. He’s been great, and he deserves this cutie.

And now on to the second Baby Groot, which I have started making with an F hook instead of the H that I used for this first one. It is SMALL, guys. Like, half this size.

I might have to go to an actual gardening store because Walmart doesn’t have a size between small and medium.

Or….maybe Michael’s has one…?



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