Girl Time at Work

Volunteering to do the handmade birthday card for our manager seemed like a good idea a week prior to the party (today). It also gave me an excuse to use my punch board and new card stock to create the envelope. But then projects started flowing in and deadlines were creeping up, and I promptly forgot about the card until last night.

I have to be honest, I had to bring in my friend Google for birthday card ideas. One idea caught me eye, and it was of multicolored candles lined up. There were different designs floating around, but I didn’t want to copy them. So I came up with my own, and it was pretty easy once I decided on the rainbow color scheme and the typeface (I used Jacques and Gilles, handwritten).


Our manager also mentioned that she likes cute quotes, so Google stepped up once again. I tweaked the quote a bit, but here it is.

I also crocheted her a short, thin, light “springtime” scarf, loosely based on this pattern.

I think it all went well. The potluck we threw was awesome, we sang the birthday song, and we took advantage of the power outage at work to play a few rounds of Big Boggle, which the birthday girl won over and over again.