Twenty Sixteen

2016 in review

David and I feasted on premium blue fin tuna sashimi at Sushi Cafe on 01.01.16
MRU as of 01.29.16
Built the Lego Millenium Falcon in one day on 02.01.16
Onyx’s first “car wash” of the year on 03.03.16
Met Bella for the first time and she survived the encounter on 03.17.16
David cooked chicken livers for the first time in his life for me on 03.27.16
My grandma arrived in the US so I visited her at my mom’s on 03.28.16
Moved 98% of my stuff into storage on 04.02.16 and moved in with David
WHA participated in National Walking Day and was featured on Good Day Sacramento on 04.06.16

Lunch time shenanigans on 04.26.16

Belated birthday lunch for my Mom at Oshima Sushi on 04.30.16
David realized how short I really am on 05.07.16
Finally replaced his old grill from the age of the dinosaurs with this shiny new one on 05.13.16
Cut my hair for the first time since 2012 and Took on Astro Pop colors on 05.18.16
Went to Micke Grove Zoo in Lodi with David, Jim, and Becky on 05.21.16
Voted for the first time on 06.07.16
A drunk bitch drove his car into my storage unit on some time between 06.10.16 and 06.11.16. This is the unit next to mine. I had to climb over this rubble to get to my unit, which was in worse shape.
David and I messed around with Thai chilis without gloves on 06.17.16
Father’s Day Get-Together on 06.18.16
Finally warm enough to hit the pool on 06.19.16
MRU team building at Capitol Bowl on 06.20.16
Completed my two-week swim lessons with Mike at CalFit on 06.30.16. Ready for Hawaii!