Dinner at The Kitchen


Dessert Course
Gastronomic Hero of the Holidays
Warm Chocolate Blintzes
White Chocolate Ganache, Chestnuts, Candied Pecans and Mocha Ice Cream

Chef’s Notes: With links to many cultures, one thing is constant, in whatever guise we all love blintzes. Traditionally thin crepes rolled with cheese or fruit, we decided to take it one step further during this holiday season. Rich chocolate crepes are filled with a luscious chestnut and white chocolate ganache, warmed and served with candied pecans and mocha ice cream… we couldn’t think of a better way to say, “Happy Holidays”.

Just like chocolate crepes.
Chef de cuisine Allyson Harvie was actually On Iron Chef.
There must have been 60-70 diners last night.
THey prepare the food in front of you as if to tease.
We were too full, but they at least gave us bags to take the treats home. The shooters were ridiculously rich, and I could only manage a tiny sip. If I weren’t so stuffed, I would’ve been all over it.
We got a trophy for our “one year anniversary”. Chef McCown was prepared.



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