Dinner at The Kitchen


Third Course
(A 25th Anniversary “Greatest Hits” Dish)
Holiday’s Fish
Roasted Alaskan Halibut
Brown Butter Hollandaise, Bloomsdale Spinach, Crispy Sunchoke and Passmore Ranch Caviar

Chef’s Notes: In cultures around the world, the Halibut is revered, honored, and looked upon as a sacred fish, especially around what we see today as our Holiday season. As we celebrate this holiday season, we also celebrate our 25th anniversary with the next dish in our greatest hits series. Roasted halibut is lovingly paired with brown butter hollandaise and topped with Passmore Ranch Caviar for a version of this Kitchen classic that would even make Randall proud. 

Eleven-year-old Charlie (“He doesn’t like pants!”) assisted with the plating and got an apron signed by the staff.
Chef McCown bathing the halibut in brown butter hollandaise.
Teamwork makes the dream work.

The halibut was moist and when paired with the hollandaise brought out some interesting flavors. This was also my first time eating caviar, and it didn’t taste like how I expect it to taste. No complaints, though. This dish was delicious and filling.


Fourth Course
Who’s Got the Reuben
Peppered and Smoked Beef Tenderloin
Shaved Brussels Sprouts, Beurre Rouge, Potato Croquette and Bacon Lardons

Chef’s Notes: Though accounts of the origin of the famous “dish” vary, one thing we all can agree upon is the magical thing that happens when one applies smoke and pepper to a nice cut of beef. Playing off this, we lightly “cure” our beef tenderloin with mixed peppercorns and spices and give it a gentle kiss of smoke before slow roasting it to a succulent peak. Served with a choucroute of shaved local Brussels sprouts and succulent potato croquette with hints of caraway and fresh horseradish, we think it’s time to put our stamp on this revered dish.

Brittany (sp?) loading the tenderloins on top of the potato croquettes.
Beurre rouge and bacon lardons all over the tenderloins.
They weren’t kidding on that TENDERloin part. Because we were getting full, David suggested eating the middle part. The meat melts in your mouth. It was unlike any meat I had ever eaten.



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